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With Vicki Model.

If ya want to send me stuff to model, strut in ;).

Shoes : 7
Bra : 34A - i like push up bras best!
Top: small
Pants/skirts: 23 waist, 32 leg. or just small.
Bikinis: small top, medium bottom, or just small. i like string bikinis best!.
Panties: usually small, sometimes medium!.
Height: 5'-4.75"
Weight: 110

Vicki, from vickimodel.ca sat down with our Staci for a q/a session:

  • Vicki - What is your favorite type of music?.
  • Staci - hip hop and house music mostly.

  • Do you make music, sing, play anything?.
  • Staci - Yes, U play the bass guitar.

  • Vicki - What are your 3 favorite activities?.
  • Staci - Hiking, swimming, and shagging.. *giggles*

  • Vicki - So would you say you are kinky?
  • Staci - Most definately..

  • Vicki - So does this mean you like girls?
  • Staci - oh yes.. of course.

  • Vicki - What is a sexual fantasy you've had?
  • Staci - being with 2 people, a girl and a boy

  • Vicki - Have you ever outlived any fantasies?.
  • Staci - Yes, just about all of them I think.

  • Vicki - Have you ever thought about being a model before this?.
  • Staci - yes, I have done some fashion/model type photography.

  • Vicki - Do you like to read, whats your favorite type of book?
  • Staci - yes im a little bookworm, i like fiction mostly.

  • Vicki - Whats your favoite toy?.
  • Staci - My friend Frosty....

  • Vicki - Whats your favorite color?
  • Staci - Green and black..

  • Vicki - Do you have any bros and sisters Besides Lanie?.
  • Staci - Yes, I have a little sister who is 13.

  • Vicki - Whats your favorite movie?.
  • Staci - Austin Powers I love that movie, or movies I should say.

  • Vicki - Whats the kinkiest place you've ever had sex?
  • Staci - on my grandma's counter, i'm so bad..

  • Vicki - If you had a one way ticket to anywhere, where would it be?
  • Staci - Hawaii baby.

  • Vicki - Do you see a future for yourself in the modelling business?
  • Staci -- yeah, more fashion photography for sure.

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